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Best Man by Freddie Hall (2016) (UK) (4m)

BEST MAN HAS WON THE 12TH FILMSSHORT COMPETITION! It tells the story of the newly engaged Donald, who wants his good friend, Patrick, to be the best man at his wedding. The caveat is that, if Patrick is to be his best man, his first task is to get Donald out of the marriage, which, as well as being somewhat contradictory, leads Patrick to believe that Donald has in fact lost his mind. When the bride-to-be turns up, Patrick faces a problem.


Fred by Leftchannel (2016) (USA) (1m) *

The short comedy Fred, a fantastic computer animation, is a finalist in the current competition. Fred is a short short that tells the story of two ingenious mice, a wedge of cheese and a feline called Fred. The highly-skilled mice come up with a cunning plan to get past the sleeping Fred but they unfortunately wake him. Fred mistakes their attempts to bypass him as an invitation to dance. And Fred has some moves!


Tonight Is Not A Good Night For Dying by A Asgari (12) (Iran) (4m)

Tonight Is Not A Good Night For Dying by Iranian filmmaker Ali Asgari was selected as the overall winner of the summer 2012 competition. It is a simple idea beautifully executed. It's also nice to see a film outside of the UK or US taking the competition prize. In Tonight Is Not A Good Night For Dying we are given a POV shot of a man who has fallen or jumped from an apartment above...

Tonight Is Not A Good Night

Doodlebug by Christopher Nolan (1997) (UK) (3m) *

Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) is now a major Hollywood player and this 1997 short short film, Doodlebug, displays the darker tone that would serve him so well in his later, feature film career. It shows a ragged man tormented by a bug in his ratty apartment. There is a twist that highlighted Nolan's fondness for visual effects. The simplicity of the direction, and the focus on visuals and sound design set a good example for short filmmakers.


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